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commit b466bb5bbdf18a2f9030f9edc3f4ee1f4a3cbf32
parent cc887cf2ab53f2c88ebf48867fe5ca7b0d971f66
Author: Hiltjo Posthuma <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat, 29 Apr 2017 22:06:43 +0200

surf.1: remove trailing spaces

Msurf.1 | 10+++++-----
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/surf.1 b/surf.1 @@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ Disable Scrollbars .B \-B Enable Scrollbars .TP -.B \-c cookiefile +.B \-c cookiefile Specify the .I cookiefile to use. @@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ Disable Plugins .B \-P Enable Plugins .TP -.B \-r scriptfile +.B \-r scriptfile Specify the user .I scriptfile. .TP @@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ Disable strict TLS check .B \-T Enable strict TLS check .TP -.B \-u useragent +.B \-u useragent Specify the .I useragent which surf should use. @@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ Disable custom certificates. .B -X Enable custom certificates. .TP -.B \-z zoomlevel +.B \-z zoomlevel Specify the .I zoomlevel which surf should use. @@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ Toggle auto-loading of images. This will reload the page. .TP .B Ctrl\-Shift\-m Toggle if the -.I stylefile +.I stylefile file should be loaded. This will reload the page. .TP .B Ctrl\-Shift\-o