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2022-10-24 15:50Change in startx: ~/.Xauthority to /home/mahdi/.local/run/XauthorityMahdi Mirzade1+3-0
2022-10-08 22:43Forgot to add the Backup fileMahdi Mirzade1+41-0
2022-10-08 22:41divide 'Makefile's backup commands into 'Backup' for more clean interface, remove junk from READMEMahdi Mirzade2+17-51
2022-10-08 22:18Fix README: indentation, fix description of scriptsMahdi Mirzade1+56-54
2022-10-08 22:10Cleanup useless scripts, update scripts, add vis themeMahdi Mirzade25+238-225
2022-10-08 19:34fonts.tar.gz -> submoduleMahdi Mirzade2+4-0
2022-10-08 19:21Add smenu as git submoduleMahdi Mirzade3+14-7
2022-10-08 19:06add more suckless toolkitMahdi Mirzade3+8-0
2022-10-08 18:46change builds to git submodulesMahdi Mirzade14+678-0
2022-10-08 18:37Remove buildsMahdi Mirzade236+794-69997
2022-08-29 04:43Remove picom; less = betterMahdi Mirzade8+34-98
2022-08-12 13:22Update mutt configuration, add doas.conf, remove ksh, tabs instead of spacesMahdi Mirzade13+186-180
2022-08-05 23:39Move *.mk to inc for clarity, add alpine commands to MakefileMahdi Mirzade8+642-83
2022-08-05 23:07Remove junk pt.2Mahdi Mirzade3+4-0
2022-08-05 22:58Remove junkMahdi Mirzade3+0-463
2022-08-05 22:56Improve Makefile, clean, add Xorg's touchpad tap-to-clickMahdi Mirzade6+130-109
2022-08-05 20:18Fix env variables: uncomment XAUTHORITY, since I don't use login managers and it's much cleanerMahdi Mirzade1+1-1
2022-08-05 20:16Update scriptsMahdi Mirzade8+131-93
2022-08-05 20:11Cleanup suckless projects, remove freebsd specific portsMahdi Mirzade39+49-54
2022-08-05 20:03Update configurationMahdi Mirzade3+34-28
2022-08-05 20:00initial commitMahdi Mirzade305+76181-0